6 Easy Tips for Whiter Teeth

November 30, 2016
Orlando Smiles, Inc.
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Avoid Stains and Whiten Your Smile With a Few Simple Tricks

Even when you brush regularly with the best whitening toothpaste available, you may still be struggling  with a dull off-white color in your smile. Little daily habits can have a direct impact on our teeth, and make it difficult to repair tough stains and damaged enamel. Consult with your Orlando dentist for the best available whitening methods, and try these simple healthy habits to quickly brighten your smile. 

Chew Sugarless Gum

You may have noticed that your preferred dentist in Orlando often sends you home with a goody bag of healthy dental hygiene supplies: toothbrush, floss, etc, and gum! Chewing gum after meals helps work up a healthy saliva that loosens the food trapped in the back of your mouth. Unlike some mouthwashes that trip enamel, your natural saliva contains helpful bacteria that breaks down plaque and strengthens teeth for healthier, whiter smile.

Consume Dairy Products
Scoops of Different Ice Cream

Ice cream lovers will be pleased to know that ice cream and dairy products of all sorts are approved by Orlando dentists and experts across the country. Dairy contains high amounts of calcium and phosphorous that strengthen enamel and quickly repair the damage brought on by acids found in sodas and coffees. Cheese especially helps neutralize PH levels and reduce tooth decay.    

Enjoy a Crunchy Snack

Crunchy fruits and vegetables are naturally abrasive, gently stripping away plaque and massaging the gums. Additionally, any regular chewing that increases saliva production is beneficial for fighting bacteria. Enjoy any of these preferred for strong, healthy teeth:

  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Apples
  • Kiwis
  • Onions
  • Almonds

Remember to Floss and Rinse

There is a reason why Orlando dentists will repeatedly remind you about regular flossing habits. Small particles food become trapped between teeth every time you eat, and the resulting plaque built up on teeth and gums will inevitably lead to a weak, unhealthy smile. Use a whitening non-alcoholic mouthwash to rinse out the food particles trapped in the back of the mouth. A healthy, white smile requires care attention to all of your teeth.        

Brush Teeth, Gums, and Tongue

Oral bacteria that destroys tooth enamel, weakens and discolors teeth is prevalent not only on teeth, but on your
gums, cheeks, and tongue as well. Your dentist in Orlando will  strongly encourage you to pay considerable attention to every corner of your mouth. For the best results, use a toothbrush with long bristles that can easily reach between teeth to massage the gums.    

Avoid Staining Foods

Red wine, coffee, and dark sodas leave a thick residue that sticks to teeth and leaves difficult to remove stains. The nicotine in cigarettes also creates staining, and anything high in citrus will have an acidic effect that quickly breaks down enamel. Some people believe that drinking through a straw will help spare at least your front teeth from the damaging  beverage, but this is largely discredited by dentists in Orlando and around the world. After all, oral hygiene includes every part of your mouth.