7 Treats that are Surprisingly Good for Teeth

June 26, 2017
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Great Snacks Your Orlando Dentist Will Encourage You to Eat

Your favorite dentist in Orlando may always be encouraging you to avoid your favorite drinks and snacks, but do not be dismayed. A few popular kitchen items are actually quite beneficial to your teeth. So remember these smart treats, and enjoy!


Cheese is high in calcium, as well as phosphates that lead to strong, healthy, beautiful teeth. In fact, milk, yogurt, and a large variety of dairy products are an excellent source of nutrition for a bright and beaming smile! Dentists in Orlando will often recommend cheese and other healthy snacks over vitamin gummies that stick to teeth and cause more problems than they help. Cheeses like Cheddar and Monterey Jack also produce a protective film over teeth that can prevent enamel from eroding under more acidic snacks.   


Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are high in vitamin D, a crucial nutrient that better aids the body in absorbing calcium and creates strong bones and teeth. Most tooth and gum decay is often in some way directly or indirectly linked to vitamin D deficiency that causes dry mouth, a popular setting for bacteria growth. Make your Orlando dentist happy with the occasional seafood treat, especially if you plan to vacation on the coast the summer.


Despite the tear-jerking reputation, onions are chock of nutrients and vitamins. Onions are loaded with Vitamin B, Iron, Potassium, and more. Furthermore, raw onions are considered by many dentists in Orlando are largely antibacterial, and beneficial for inflammation. Some experts even recommend rubbing a little raw onion on a tooth to temporarily relieve oral pain. The best feature of onions is that they can often be sprinkled on top of any entrée for a little bit of flavor and added health.   


Woman eating Chocolate That is right! Dark chocolate is chock full of polyphenols that reduce the kind of bacteria the cause bad breath and cavities. While milk chocolate often contains high sugar contents that damage teeth, dark chocolate made of 70 percent cocoa or higher are actually quite beneficial in moderate amounts. The dark, bitter brands of chocolate often include tannins and antioxidants that lead to proper oral care. If you are lucky, you may notice your Orlando dentist include a small square of dark chocolate as a healthy and recommended treat. 


Simple, plain water is often overestimated but is still the best addition to your diet that any dentist in Orlando can recommend. Dry mouth, often caused for a variety of reasons, is one of the main caused by the rampant bacteria growth that causes cavities. Unlike popular sports drinks and syrupy sodas, water cleanses the palette and quickly washes away debris that commonly becomes lodged between teeth. A regular glass of chilled water is the best way to maintain oral care between brushing. 

Coffee and Wine?

Recent studies have suggested that moderate amounts of coffee and red wine can actually prevent cavities by reducing the growth of oral bacteria. Strong, dark coffee contains polyphenols and red wines are also antibacterial in nature, enough to encourage healthy oral care. Of course, your Orlando dentist will still warn you of the potential staining power of these beverages, so please use them in moderation.