Choosing The Right ToothBrush

May 18, 2017
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The Best Toothbrush for the Best Smile

Orlando dentistCertainly, your Orlando dentist has encouraged you to brush daily since childhood, even recommending a variety of effective toothpaste and rinses for a sparkling, healthy smile. However, stores today are offering myriad toothbrush brands and styles, almost all of which claim to be the leading in plague removal. What sort of toothbrush style is optimum for your healthiest oral care, and what brands does the leading dentist in Orlando prefer? As long as you are brushing regularly, there is very little you can do wrong, but remember these important features when choosing a toothbrush.

Stick With Soft Bristles

A knowledgeable Orlando dentist will encourage you to seek out a toothbrush with long, soft bristles.  Many people make the common mistake of purchasing a hard bristled brush with the idea scouring away at built up plague. Unfortunately, hard bristles are abrasive in your mouth and wear away enamel and gums. Also, hard bristles cause a discomfort to the gums that make it more difficult to effective brush between teeth.

A Variety Sizes and Shapes

The ideal size and shape for your toothbrush should include a long handle and small, flexible head. The type of brush offered you by any dentist in Orlando will be designed so that you can easily and comfortably clean the difficult-to-reach areas in the back of your mouth. These commonly overlooked areas are usually a prime spot for bacteria to build up that will later lead to painful infections.

Certain toothbrush styles are specifically adapted for individuals with disabilities, braces, or other difficulties that require unique care. Handles and heads will come in countless variations, but do not feel overwhelmed. Your Orlando dentist wants you to stick to whatever shape brush is most comfortable for you.

Electric or Manual

Studies performed by the American Dental Association (ADA) have shown very little difference in the effectiveness of electric or manual toothbrushes. Any toothbrush marked with the ADA Seal of Acceptance is considered safe and useful for regular oral care. Speak to your dentist in Orlando about switching to an electric toothbrush if you feel you need help with more consistent or powerful brushing. Again, as long as you are comfortable and brushing regularly the choice is entirely yours.

Only one type of electric toothbrush showed a slightly more effective difference in oral effectiveness. Some brushes utilize what is known as rotation oscillation (spinning circular bristles), and this style has proven in studies to yield results more easily than a vibrating or manual brush.

Keep Smiling!

Your Orlando dentist will advise you to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or as soon as the bristles begin to show signs of wear. Furthermore, remember to always change your toothbrush after experiencing any kind of cold or throat infection. This habit will prevent you from reintroducing the same bacteria that got you sick in the first place. Children especially should always use a high quality, soft bristled brush with fluoride free toothpaste. Continue to brush and floss regularly and visit your favorite dentist in Orlando to maintain that perfect, beaming smile!