Cosmetic Dentistry Orlando

Our Orlando cosmetic dentistry and bonding process is one which restores both functionality and beauty to your teeth. Flaws, like minor chips or stains on your teeth, can easily be repaired with bonds. If there is a space between the teeth or other small gaps, the bonding process can also be used to fill these areas. A brighter smile, greater confidence, and stronger teeth all result from the bonding process. Like other cosmetic services the bonding may require treatment or replacement at a later date; however, they should last for years to come when properly done by your dental professional.  And, with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry Orlando, you know you are in good hands.

A composite, tooth color material is placed directly over the tooth in this process. This is hardened with a special light. Desired results can be achieved in as little as a single visit. This process is used for:
– Changing the shape of the teeth or closing a small gap between the teeth.
– Repairing tooth decay which wasn’t properly treated in the past.
– Chip and crack repair, and improving the general cosmetic appearance of the smile.
The process can also be used to help protect and strengthen sensitive teeth.

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