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There is no telling what type of turn your life or your oral health can take. While brushing your teeth and flossing near your gums frequently can help with the actual care of your smile, these actions are no match for a sudden trauma or impact that may chip or break your teeth. In events like these, Orlando Smiles can help you regain that once pristine looking row of teeth.

Among the many different procedures and dental repair processes that are undergone every day here at your friendly Orlando Dental Office, getting crowns and bridges put in place in your mouth are some of the most common and necessary in many patient’s cases. This is because modern science regarding oral health has allowed dentists with patience and precision to accomplish state-of-the-art Cosmetic Dentistry | General Dentistry | Dr. Sarika Heggannavar | Orlando Dentistmolding around fractured and impaired teeth so that patients may once again have a confident smile.

When it comes to dental procedures like getting a crown or a bridge, many patients may not exactly understand what is going on. However, there is no need to worry, as the process by which your Orlando Dentist fixes imperfections in your smile can be explained very simply. A crown molding is basically a miniature ‘cap’ that a dentist molds of your original tooth and uses a cement-like paste to fix it to your tooth, thus covering up the parts of your teeth that were chipped or broken. Our dental office in Orlando has over 20 years of expert experience with these types of procedures.

Much like a crown molding, a bridge is also used to cover up and fill the void of where a missing tooth was. However, unlike a crown which covers the missing pieces of a single tooth, Orlando Dentists will use a bridge to cover an entire gap in a row of teeth where an entire tooth is missing. This way the remaining teeth that reach into the empty space of the missing tooth will not begin to shift or rotate.

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Many of the impressions taken by a dentist in order to make a crown or a bridge will be sent to a lab where your Orlando Dental Office will recommend the best material that they are made out of. Lot’s of poly-silicons and porcelains are used to achieve the strongest hold and build for your crowns. Between the time of the impression and the actual placement of the permanent crown, and temporary crown made of metal alloys will often be installed to give the patient the accommodation period of how it will feel. This period lasts roughly 3 or 4 days.

Bridges and crowns are both virtually permanent procedures seeing as once they are fixated into your mouth they can only be removed by a dentist. Here at Orlando Smiles, your premier Orlando dentist, we recommend a few days of careful eating habits to avoid complications with your crowns or bridges while the oral cement finishes drying. You may contact our Orlando Smiles oral health assistants at any time regarding further aftercare questions.

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