What a Dental Cleaning Involves

December 4, 2017
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Dental Cleanings in Orlando

The aim of a dental cleaning, if done by a qualified dentist, is to help get rid of plaques, tartar, food particles, and stains which must have accumulated in-between the teeth and gum. Routine brushing and regular flossing may not be enough to completely remove all these. This is where professional dental cleanings in Orlando come in.

The professional cleaning of teeth remains a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy dental hygiene. Thus, maintaining a healthy set of teeth and gums involves visiting a qualified dentist from time to time to carry out professional dental cleanings. This will help prevent tartar build-up and enable the early detection of gum diseases, thus, preventing further complications.

The Dental Cleaning Procedure

Below are some of the steps involved in the dental cleaning procedure:

Cleaning of Dental Instruments

For the dental cleaning procedure, the dentist will make use of specialized tools and equipment to gradually remove plaques, tartar, and food deposits without causing any harm to the teeth and gums. Prior to the procedure, the instruments to be used must have been cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. This is to ensure safety and quality control.

Inspection with dental mirror

The next thing is to inspect the extreme, inner portion of the mouth with the dental mirror. These areas are often hard to see. Using the dental mirror, the Orlando dentist will be able to inspect the area. A dental mirror features round mirrors connected to an elongated handle. The dentist in Orlando will use the mirror to check the teeth and gums for any anomaly ranging from irritation to swelling, tartar, decay, or even bleeding.

Cleaning With an Ultrasonic Instrument

Ultrasonic instruments are usually used for professional teeth cleanings. Ultrasonic instruments feature rounded and curved tips to keep them in continuous motion. The device makes use of mild vibrations to break down larger pieces of food particles or tartar. At the same time, the instrument sprays mists of cool water into the mouth. This will help wash away the now loose food particles and debris. The instrument can be easily adjusted to vibrate at a rate that is comfortable for the patient.

Curettes or Scalers to Remove Small Deposits

These are finer hand-held instruments designed for the removal of smaller deposits on the teeth. It will also help in smoothening the surface of the tooth. Scaling is done on each tooth for the thorough removal of tartar.


Once the surface of the tooth has been smoothened, the next thing is polishing. The Orlando dentist polishes the teeth with a slow-speed hand-piece that contains a soft rubber cup. The device used for polishing will spin at the tip to smooth teeth. A solution spin made of prophylaxis paste is put into the rubber cup. The spinning motion creates a shiny, smooth teeth surface.

Application of Fluoride

On completion of the dental cleaning procedure, fluoride is applied by the dentist. There are several varieties of fluoride flavors available. This can range from strawberry, cherry, mint, chocolate, and so forth. The dentist will apply the fluoride to the teeth using flexible foam trays. Fluoride treatment may take about 30 seconds. The patient can then spit the remaining solution into a saliva ejector. The fluoride will offer adequate protection for the teeth against tartar and plaque, and also strengthen the teeth.

Dental cleanings are often painless. The entire procedure may take up to 30 minutes, often less than an hour. You can always expect a fresher, cleaner, and brighter set of teeth after a professional dental cleaning in Orlando.

Choose Us for your Professional Dental Cleanings

How often do you clean your teeth professionally? Professional dental cleaning treatments offer a vital way to maintain health set of teeth and gum, and also prevent periodontal disease. For more information about professional dental cleaning or if you will like to undergo a dental cleaning procedure, get in touch with us today at Orlando Smiles Inc. We are your dependable Emergency Dentist Orlando that is always ready to give your teeth and gum the professional cleaning they deserve.