How to Overcome Dental Phobia

November 27, 2017
Orlando Smiles, Inc.
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Overcoming Dental Phobia

As much as it is important to go for regular professional dental cleanings, a lot of individuals are afraid of doing so. This may be as a result of a previous painful experience, post teeth removal pains, or even due to a myth or something they must have probably heard before.

On the contrary, dental cleanings and other dental procedures are not something you should be afraid of. Orlando Smiles Inc., your reliable Emergency Dentist Orlando Florida brings you a couple of tips to help you overcome your dental phobia.

Recognize your Fears

In order to understand your dental feelings and solve them, the first thing is to accept or recognize the fact that you are anxious or afraid of visiting the dental office. Write down your fears to be able to discuss them better. Apart from helping you recognize these fears, it will also help the dentist explain the cause of your phobia. Thus, offering you tips on how you can deal with each one of the fears.

Communicate your Fears and Anxiety

Communication remains the foundation of any fruitful relationship. After recognizing your fears, the next thing is to communicate with them. Try as much as possible to be vocal about your fears, apprehensions, and anxiety. This will make it possible for the dentist to examine your situation and develop an action plan that suits the problem.

Look for Ways to Reduce your Fears Gradually

Here, you need to understand that your visit to the dentist is more than just performing dental cleanings or any other dental procedure. You should work towards creating a good, memorable experience for yourself. Relax your mind, and get comfortable prior to the procedure. This will help eliminate any form of anxiety, fear, or phobia.

Go With a Family Member or Friend

You already know you are scared of doing this, then do not go alone. For any dental appointment, try going along with a companion. This will provide an extra layer of assurance and support. Even while the procedure is going on, the person will be able to keep your company. You can discuss other things to keep your mind off the problem.

Use Sedatives

Another way of overcoming your dental phobia is by making use of sedatives. Sedation can be administered to you by the dentist before the beginning of the procedure. This will help keep you calm throughout the dental procedure. Sedatives that can be administered include local anesthetic, oral or IV sedation, and nitrous oxide. Whether you want to remain conscious or unconscious during the procedure, the dentist will advise you on the appropriate sedative to use.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Furthermore, practicing relaxation exercises can help you calm during the dental procedure. You can relax through controlled breathing. Take a deep breath, inhale, and let the air out gradually. This will help slow down your heartbeat a little, while your muscle remains relaxed.

Use Distractions

You can also keep yourself off the anxiety by looking out for distractions. This will help divert your attention, keeping your mind on something else during the dental procedure. Some distractions techniques include fiddling with a stress ball, listening to music, humming a song, counting to yourself, and so forth. The idea is to focus your mind on something else that will make you feel good.

There you have it! The above are a couple of tips to help you overcome your dental phobia. After trying out the tips mentioned above, and you find it hard to overcome your fears and phobia, you can always seek the help of a psychologist or any other professional in that field. They will help find an ultimate solution to your phobias including dental fear.

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