Orlando Smiles – Dentist in Orlando

With friends, family, and coworkers, no other feature has such an immediate and powerful effect on the success of your daily life as a healthy and vibrant smile. When teeth are stained and uneven or when gums are irritated and discolored from infection, the resulting look can shatter the type of confidence and amiability that you need to display for a critical job interview or the first date. Even the youngest members of your family want to start school with a happy and brilliant smile that feels as pleasant as it looks. Proficient Orlando family dentistry is important to you and your loved ones, sometimes requiring more than just the recommended 2 cleanings a year. Dr. Sarika Heggannavar and her talented staff at Orlando Smiles are dedicated to that same sense of uncompromised standard in providing unmatched dental care to children and adults alike throughout Orlando communities.

Emergency Dentist Orlando

Even the most cautious flossers can find themselves in need of an emergency dentist in Orlando. Whether you have suffered trauma in an unfortunate accident or suddenly been overwhelmed with unexpected pains in your gums, you should not have to wait until the weekend for relief. Orlando Smiles is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, able to schedule appointments at the earliest possible convenience. Extractions and fillings are just as easily available for whitening and cleaning services. Caring for a busy family often means unexpected slips and surprises on a regular basis. It is the duty of reliable Orlando family dentistry to remain prepared and accessible in any event.

Cosmetic Dentistry Orlando

Dr. Heggannavar specializes in cosmetic dentistry, making her a premier dentist in Orlando, ensuring that every patient leaves with a dazzling photo worthy smile. Procedures like braces are easy, affordable, and performed by the most caring hands in the business. Every visit includes an in-depth one-on-one consultation so that every patient clearly understands what to expect. Compassion and knowledge in the office help alleviate the anxiety that many feel with a visit to the dentist.

Orlando Family Dentistry

Orlando family dentistry is about more than treating the dental concerns of children and adults. Good dental care means that every visit is handled with sincerity and professionalism and families enjoy accessibility and affordability around the clock. Orlando Smiles is proud of offer multiple payment options for all work performed, making necessary care a breeze. Whether fixing cracks or cavities, every member of your family deserves the pleasure of a joyously healthy smile. Let us brighten your smile.