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Orlando Smiles, Inc., has served the local community for more than 20 years now, operating as a dependable and experienced family dentist for Dr. Phillips and all the surrounding areas. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to turn any dental disaster into a truly beautiful smile, and our friendly customer service makes every visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whenever you are looking for a cosmetic, family, or emergency dentist in Dr. Philips remember that Orlando Smiles has the professional care on which you can count.

We are qualified to accommodate every member of the family, from the tiny tots to senior citizens. As the premier Dr. Phillips dentist, our duty is to produce outstanding results with brilliantly healthy smiles.

Our services include:

Everyone Deserves a Dazzling and Radiant Smile

If your teeth have started to become stained and yellow, or you struggle with the embarrassment of misaligned, missing, or crooked teeth, then it must be time to get in touch with the most reputable cosmetic dentist in Dr. Phillips. As a qualified cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sarika Heggannavar can not only improve the appearance of your teeth but also improve their surface, size, and shape, even treat your gums if need be.

Getting your teeth whitened at Orlando Smiles family dental office is a very relaxing experience, and there is no pain involved at all. We use our own system that utilizes a unique light treatment innovatively designed to effectively and efficiently whiten teeth for a bright and picture-perfect smile. We also specialize in veneers, an affordable low-cost option that protects your natural teeth from stains, cavities, and other common dental problems.

Regardless of your dental needs, the right choice of Dr. Phillips dentist will set your smile right.

An Emergency Dentist for Dr. Phillips is Available 24/7

Where will you go if unexpected jolts of dental pain from cavities or wisdom teeth keep you awake and suffering at an inconvenient hour of the night? A careless bite down on the wrong hard snack could crack a tooth, exposing a sensitive nerve and causing unbearable discomfort. No one wants to endure a long and sleepless weekend waiting for the next available dentist appointment for relief. Call our 24-hour line, and schedule an immediate emergency appointment.

At Orlando smiles, our services as a Dr. Phillips emergency dentist are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Emergency dental care in Dr. Phillips is a part of our services around the clock, so you never have to tolerate an indefinite wait when you need prompt care.

Most calls for an emergency dentist in Dr. Phillips and throughout the state are the result of an accidental injury involving sudden trauma that breaks or knocks loose teeth. Even if you practice excellent oral hygiene, you may still be at risk for falls, car wrecks, and other everyday accidents that can badly damage teeth. Professionals at Orlando Smiles are standing by at every hour to protect your smile.

Call Today for Dedicated Service

We are pleased to serve local families as well as tourists and visitors to the area. Our convenient location to major theme parks and attractions makes our offices a prime choice for fast and dependable care. Call today to schedule your next appointment.

Call us for an Appointment: 407-269-8873

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