Emergency Dentist Orlando

When you are experiencing the intense oral pain caused by decaying gums, cracked enamel, or a serious physical trauma, you never want to be stuck with the long wait and relentless suffering of waiting for the next available business day. Unexpected dental pain can cost you the ability to sleep comfortably, eat well, and even speak naturally. Any infection or injury that lessens the integrity of your teeth and gums, regardless of the cause, requires prompt and immediate attention from a qualified emergency dentist in Orlando. 

Around the clock emergency dental care in Orlando is a badly needed service for any person. Toothaches are generally considered some of the most agonizingly painful experiences a person can have, even compared to lacerations and burns. The discomfort is largely due to the constant and chronic nature of the pain that only increases over time with very little remedies. Arranging a last minute appointment with any dentist in Orlando and the many surrounding communities can be frustrating and difficult. That is why Orlando Smiles offers the best and most flexible emergency dental care in Orlando, providing a well-needed relief from the mayhem that comes with scheduling unexpected dental appointments during dire times.

Our Orlando Emergency dental procedures include:

Proper oral care sometimes involves more than routine checkups and cleanings. If you have diligently taken care of your teeth to maintain a bright, white smile, the last thing you want is a sudden fall or accident to damage your most important facial feature. Allow an expert Orlando emergency dentist to return your smile to a brilliant new quality.

Search No More for a Qualified Emergency Dentist in Orlando, Florida

Dr. Sarika Heggannavar and her knowledgeable emergency dental team at Orlando Smiles will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and at home with the state of your smile. We work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to minimize the stress and anxiety that many people associate with an Orlando emergency dentist. Our staff is waiting to accommodate you for any dental emergency, and every procedure begins with a thorough consultation so you can be confident with every step of your treatment.

As a qualified cosmetic dentist, Dr. Heggannavar is qualified in treating more than just the physical discomfort related to oral care. Our patients enjoy the natural look and feel of fully restored teeth. If your smile is crucial to a sense of self-confidence and assurance, then why settle for a weak and imperfect set of teeth? We provide dentures, crowns, dental implants, and even teeth whitening to maintain a smile as poised and perfect as a magazine cover.

Never Suffer From the Long Wait

Our emergency dental care in Orlando can handle virtually every type of oral health situation. We understand that some oral care issues appear suddenly and without warning, too discomforting and unpleasant to wait for an appointment 2 weeks away. It is because of unforeseen scenarios like this that the premier emergency dentist in Orlando is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our duty as an Orlando emergency dentist depends on the ability to offer immediate care at any hour. Many dental patients worry that feel they are stuck with the pain they are experiencing, forced to live with the discomfort until a convenient opening appears later in the week. We pride ourselves on providing local families with full-time access to the extensive Orlando emergency dental procedures that our office offers.

When the constant pain becomes unbearable, no one should be forced to wait indefinitely as the problem only worsens over time. In many cases, an infected tooth or exposed nerve must be treated immediately before the pain intensifies or damage worsens. In events like this, our 24-hour staff is always able to squeeze in an emergency visit. Reliable access to a premier emergency dentist serving Orlando can mean the difference in hours of suffering and significant medical costs. 

A Reliable and Friendly Emergency Dentist in Orlando

As a family dentist, we specialize in the care and treatment for children and adults alike. Whether you are a resident of Orlando or a tourist who is visiting a theme park such as Disney or Universal Studios, we are available to see you right away. Furthermore, our convenient location is near all the major theme parks and attractions. Our easy to find locale means you can be in and out and back to enjoying your holiday in no time at all.

In addition to friendly customer service and thorough care, we also offer multiple convenient payment options to help eliminate the stress and hassle of unexpected bills. Having a reliable and friendly emergency dentist in Orlando gives you peace of mind even at the most chaotic times. If you need an emergency dentist in Orlando, regardless of the hour, you can contact us by
phone, email, or our convenient online system. Please call us and schedule your next prompt appointment.