Orlando Denture Repairs

If you have replaced broken or missing teeth with a set of dentures, then you understand entirely the stress and discomfort that follows when your dentures become cracked or broken. Dentures do more than assist with chewing. They also give you the confidence of a full, beaming smile and help make speaking feel more comfortable and natural. If an unexpected incident leavesEmergency denture repair Orlando FL your dentures in disrepair, you cannot be expected to struggle through the weekend, toothless and in pain, waiting for the next Orlando dentist to become available.

At Orlando Smiles, we are standing by 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide fast and friendly Orlando emergency denture repairs. As the area’s premier emergency dentist in Orlando, we pride ourselves on meeting our patients with swift and convenient service. In addition to prompt care and immediate results, you will enjoy the dependability and comfort of compassionate customer service.          

Do Not Suffer In Pain While You Needlessly Wait

No one should have to suffer indefinitely with the pain of damaged dentures when in need of emergency denture repairs. Dentures that are ill-fitting can create pressure points as they rub against the gums and break unexpectedly and without warning. The result is a sudden and painful experience that requires immediate attention. We provide emergency dental care in Orlando, so you and your loved ones can return to the peace and tranquility of family life with minimal interruption.     

Friendly Family Orlando Dentist Service, 24/7

It only takes a single bite of the wrong snack or an unexpected fall to crack a denture or knock out several teeth. You need a qualified emergency dentist in Orlando to guarantee prompt peace of mind at the earliest possibility. As a cosmetic dentist in Orlando, Dr. Sarika Heggannavar, DMD, appreciates the value and necessity of a healthy smile, so you will never be forced to wait for proper care and attention.

Dr. Heggannavar, DMD, and her team of talented professionals have served the community for years, providing competent and friendly service to patients of all ages. We understand the worry and unhappiness that accompanies emergency denture repairs as well as any troublesome emergency dental Orlando visit. Our office is available around the clock to deliver prompt response and attentive service to all those in need. If you are injured, do not suffer in wait with damaged dentures. Call today and schedule your emergency appointment.