How You Might Be Endangering Your Teeth This Summer

June 12, 2017
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Maintaining Your Sunshine Smile

Summer vacation is here and having survived all the candy-filled holidays of the previous months, you might be under the impression that your healthy smile is safe for the sunshine season. However, your Orlando dentist expects you now more than ever to take the necessary steps in maintaining a healthy, glowing smile over the summer. A few common mistakes can quickly lead to cavities and a variety of other common dental ailments. Keep in mind these 4 easy tips to keep your smile safe.

Drink Water and Plenty of It

two people drinking waterThe importance of staying properly hydrated in the summer heat is a warning you will hear throughout the season from a variety of sources. However, drinking water does more than preventing the worst cases of heat-related illness. A dry mouth is an ideal spot for the bacteria that causes cavities. Any dentist in Orlando will stress to you the importance of drinking water to prevent tooth decay.

It will seem tempting at first to beat the heat with cold lemonade or a popular sports drink. However, lemonade is highly acidic and damaging to tooth enamel. Though sports drinks are often promoted as healthy, the high sugar content in these drinks can be harmful to your smile. For the best results, stick to clean, cold water every day. 

Stay Protected in Sports

The number one cause of teeth being broken or completely knocked out is trauma from a fall or blow to the face. The activity of popular summer sports keeps you only one little trip away from an unpleasant visit to an emergency dentist in Orlando. Always wear a mouth guard for any type of athletic activity.

Furthermore, it would be wise to learn the steps for quickly treating an avulsed tooth. In many cases, when a tooth is knocked out it can be cleaned and immediately placed back in the gum to heal. If you need a little more time, you can store a tooth in a container of milk until an Orlando dentist is available to reinsert it. 

Take Care before You Travel

Certainly, no one wants to interrupt vacation time simply because of a minor toothache. However, many minor dental problems can later become excruciating if not quickly seen by a qualified Orlando dentist. Schedule any dental care appointments before you travel, so you can be guaranteed the utmost comfort during your trip.  The farther away you travel, the more difficult it may be to obtain reliable dental care overseas or in rural areas. Furthermore, you may encounter difficulties and additional expenses with insurance coverage when you are out of network.

Visit Your Favorite Orlando Dentist

For those in good health, experts recommend that you see your preferred Orlando dentist at least once a year for cleanings and checkups. The best time of year to do this is in the summer. Dentists often see more open availability during summer months, and your own schedule will be easier to fill. Now you can enjoy your summer vacation with peace of mind.