Initial Dental Exam

When you come in for a dental exam at Orlando Smiles, your Orlando dentist, we will conduct an oral examination in order to assess the general health of your teeth and your gums. From this initial assessment, your dentist should be able to ascertain whether you require any dental procedures such as having a tooth extracted or fillings inserted into any cavities you may have. After taking a look inside your mouth, your dentist may take a dental x-ray, which will pick up on any dental problems which may not have been picked up on during your visual assessment. For example, if you have a decaying tooth, an x-ray will determine whether the roots connected to your decaying tooth are healthy or have been infected. X-rays are also important as they kept in your personal dental file so that your dentist can compare your x-rays over time, in order to track your oral health. Ideally, you should have a dental x-ray taken once a year.

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Dental Exams in Orlando Florida | Dr. Sarika Heggannavar | Orlando Dentist