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When it comes to dental procedures one of the most feared and worrisome things is having a tooth pulled. Pulling teeth, or as Orlando Dentists call it ‘extraction’, is usually needed in extreme cases where a tooth is decaying or dying off and cannot be saved. One of the most common misconceptions regarding extractions is that it is always painful and physically tolling. Orlando Smiles is here to break that stereotype.

Sometimes patients don’t entirely understand the nature of a Dental Extraction. It should be known that tooth extraction only occurs during very extreme and necessary circumstances. This means that jokes and pop culture references to the dreaded dentist office where an Orlando Dentist may unforgivingly pull teeth with a wrench are far from what actually happens. In fact, many extractions are last case scenarios.

Dental Extraction | Dr. Sarika Heggannavar | Orlando Dentist

To perform a Dental Extraction at Orlando Smiles, the dentist will first assess what exactly is wrong with a patient’s tooth. Often times a tooth’s roots have begun to die off, without heeding to the preventative measures of eating right and brushing. Other times after a serious physical impact to a tooth, the bruising may lead to serious damage within the ‘pulp’ of a patient’s tooth causing it to permanently turn blue or black. In either case, the tooth will need to be removed through a painless and simple procedure of Extraction.

Sometimes the dentist will choose to fully sedate a patient under anesthetics to extract a tooth, depending on how many teeth need to be pulled and what the x-ray shows their under-gum arrangement is. However many times Orlando Dental Offices will just use an orally injected numbing agent to relieve pain and pressure from the specific area being worked on. Once the patient is ready and relaxed, the procedure can take place and the tooth can be easily removed.

Tooth Extraction | Dr. Sarika Heggannavar | Orlando, Florida

Aftercare for an extracted tooth is fairly simple. A patient should try to keep the area clean of any food debris for several days until a healthy layer of gum has sealed over the cavity, this way oral infections and further complications can be avoided. At Orlando Smiles, our dentist will offer different tools and even an antibiotic in most cases to assure that these complications do not arise. Our staff is also available anytime to freely answer questions and concerns regarding your extraction.

In the Orlando Dentist community, it is important that patients be treated with the utmost care and respect, especially when it comes to a procedure like Dental Extraction. Making a patient feel calm and educated during their time in the office is just one of the many satisfactory details that Orlando Smiles prides itself on. If you’re experiencing any sort of oral health issue don’t wait to contact the offices today.

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