Family & Emergency Dentist Hunters Creek

Finding a dependable Hunters Creek dentist for you and your loved ones is an important role that cannot be taken lightly. One characteristic that every person always bears in mind, from your youngest kids to your oldest relatives, is the joy and confidence that comes from a healthy and beaming smile. Every factor of your family and social life is impacted by the quality of your smile, and damaged or rotten teeth can drastically impact the way others respond to you as well as how you feel.

Studies show that adequate dental care can affect your emotional well-being and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and much, much more. With so much to gain, you need reliable and effective attention from a caring dentist in Hunters Creek.

Brilliant Smiles Start with the Right Hunters Creek Dentist

Our goal at Orlando Smiles is to create a positive family environment, focused on patients that are comfortable and well cared for. The right Hunters Creek Dentist is one that alleviates the tension and stress of family dental care and treatments. We are proud to offer affordable care in a variety of services and throughout the local community.   

Dr. Heggannavar and her talented staff provide individualized treatment for children and adults alike. We work with all ages, so we can continue to grow with you and your family and deliver long-lasting relationships with family care and emergency dental work in Hunters Creek.     

Around the Clock Emergency Dentist In Hunters Creek

As part of our duty to families in the community, we remain an emergency dentist in Hunters Creek available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If an unexpected accident breaks or knocks out a tooth, you, of course, should expect immediate attention to quickly resolve the problem. Tooth pain can occur suddenly, and when you fin yourself up all night nursing throbbing tooth pain you want to call for an appointment right away, not suffer through until the next business day.

For root canals, dental implants, extractions, fillings, or any emergency dental care in Hunters Creek, Orlando Smiles is the competent and family friendly place for professional care. Call today to schedule your next appointment.