The Features Of A Perfect Smile

February 27, 2017
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When Your Orlando Dentist Encourages the “Ideal Bite”

Healthy smiling teeth in OrlandoIf you are like most people, you want a smile that displays a perfectly flawless healthy set of teeth. Many people arrange visits with their Orlando dentist for precisely that reason, to obtain teeth are straighter, smoother, and whiter than our natural sets that easily stain and shift over time. However, any cosmetic dentist in Orlando and aesthetic professionals across the country will tell you that the truly ideal smile, worthy of magazine covers and television ads, is found not with perfect form but in the little imperfections.

Many Orlando dentists will describe what is known as an “ideal bite”. This phrase describes a correct arrangement and alignment for healthy teeth both in the back and front parts of the mouth. Because teeth vary greatly in size and shape, particularly depending on an individual person’s bone structure and genetic ethnicity, there is no exact standard for “perfect” teeth. However, if your goal is to obtain a more confident and aesthetically pleasing look, remember 3 rules for alignment, smoothness, and color.     

  1. Not Straight But Aligned

While comfortable chewing and speaking require a natural alignment, teeth are by no means “straight”. The bumpy cusps that form along the chewing side of your teeth should not rest directly on top of one another but instead, easily overlap in a zipper-like pattern.  This allows for even pressure across the jawline. Even the front rows of teeth align in ridges, not straight lines. Your Orlando dentist can show you how a person whose smile reveals an almost square like the straight edge is displaying a common and revealing trait of dentures.

Your front teeth, likewise are not supposed to lie immediately atop each other. In order to reduce damage to the sharper edges of your incisors, your top teeth in front should slightly overlap the bottom by about 2 to 4 millimeters. The top incisors should cover roughly 30 percent of the bottom, reaching down long enough for a gleaming and full smile without cutting into lips or gums.        

  1. Not Smooth But Ridged

Natural teeth are not perfectly smooth with the porcelain-like finish you might expect in a perfect world. All healthy adult teeth have small threadlike fractures in the enamel known as “craze lines”. Unlike a cracked tooth that can expose nerves, lead to infection, and require treatment from qualified dentists in Orlando, craze lines are perfectly normal and appear more realistic.

  1. Not White But Clean

You might be hard pressed to whiten your teeth to the absolute whitest of whites. An experienced cosmetic dentist will actually recommend a slightly off white shades that more naturally matches your features. Just as it is with teeth are too smooth or too straight, being too white results in an unnervingly synthetic look. Looked at closely, real enamel is an actually slightly blue off white shade. Aestheticians recommend matching the shade of whites in your eyes.

If It Isn’t Broke, Be Confident

If you are unhappy with the condition of your teeth, feel free to consult with a qualified Orlando dentist about available restoration techniques. However, never expect a so-called “perfect” smile to be your target look. The goal is a natural, healthy, functional, and confident smile.