Getting The Right Implants

Any type of dental procedure can be intimidating if you are left with doubt and in the dark. Sometimes the staff can be very distant and cold towards your concerns, sometimes the dentist cannot be very personable or disclose much information describing the procedure, and sometimes things can just feel out of place. It is because of these unfortunate circumstances at most dental offices that Orlando Smiles strives to make our patients feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

As your dentist Orlando, it is pertinent that you receive the best care for your oral health without sacrificing client value or integrity. Whether your appointment is for something as routine as a checkup and teeth cleaning, or more serious such as a consultation for a filling or an implant, you should always feel at ease when discussing the procedures. Sometimes you may even be a bit lost as to what exactly your Orlando Dental Office plans on doing with your teeth. One of the procedures many patients often get confused and sometimes worried about is receiving an implant.

Dental Exams & Dental Implants in Orlando, Florida | Dr. Sarika Heggannavar | Orlando Dentist

Dental Implants are a very common procedure that can be performed on any patient with their adult teeth in place. It first involves removing whatever tooth may be causing the issue. Sometimes a tooth can be chipped or broken, or even just dying off and rotting away. Whatever the case, your Orlando Dentist can help you by removing the tooth and cleaning the entire tooth cavity into your gums to prepare you for an implant.

An Implant is essentially an artificial tooth that will be ‘implanted’ into your gum by the root so as to hold the place of a tooth that once was. Your Orlando Dental Office may also use an implant to fill the place of a bridge or gap that was naturally between teeth, in order to give your smile a fuller look. It usually takes an implant about a week to settle in properly so take that time to avoid hard-to-chew foods and drinking anything corrosive. The assistants at Orlando Smiles will be sure to give you an entire breakdown of aftercare tips and tricks.

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Sometimes implants aren’t necessarily a well planned and calculated procedure, but rather a decision made by an Orlando Emergency Dentist in the moment regarding serious oral trauma. This is a particular specialty offered by Orlando Smiles because of the clinics fast responding and accessible emergency dental staff. They are trained oral consultants and surgeons that are standing by to help with whatever life may put in the way of your smile.

Here at Orlando Smiles, our staff wants to make every part of your dental implant process as painless and easy as possible. This starts from the moment you contact our office for an appointment to even days after your procedure when our dental services Orlando follows up on your aftercare progress. It’s just one of many things we do to show our client’s the commitment we have to excellence here at Orlando Smiles.

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