Most Common Dental Problems

February 7, 2017
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Millions of Americans every year visit their dentist for treatment that for most cases can be easily avoided. Every dentist in Orlando will chide patients on the crucial benefits of diligent oral care. If you have teeth in your mouth and plan to keep them, then oral hygiene must be a pivotal part of your daily routine. You are never too young or too old to experience these common, but often avoidable, dental problems.

Tooth Decay

tooth erosion in OrlandoCavities are a problem that affects children and adults alike. 3 million Americans every year suffer from some form of tooth decay, from our youngest tots to our oldest retirees. Every Orlando dentist will warn that our favorite food and drinks, especially sugared candies and sodas, create an ideal environment for bacteria that eat away at our enamel. Paired with a lax brushing routine, anyone’s teeth can quickly fall to decay.

Left untreated, cavities can quickly lead to tooth infections and considerable pain. A root canal procedure from your emergency dentist in Orlando is an unpleasant result of poor oral hygiene. Fortunately, cavities are easily prevented with regular brushing, flossing, and proper diet.

Gum Disease

Gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums,  has multiple causes and afflicts an estimated 200 thousand Americans every year. As gum disease worsens, teeth can eventually lose their grip within the gums and fall out entirely. Treated early, however, any competent Dentist in Orlando can easily clean and remove inflamed tissue and regular oral hygiene can help prevent reoccurrence. 

Gum disease is generally related to oral care, but diligent brushers are still susceptible to other causes. Genetics, stress, age and any condition affecting the immune system can gum problems at any stage in life. Smoking or chewing tobacco is a direct cause of gum disease for many Americans.

Bad Breath

Many people brush and floss regularly, but still, experience some form of bad breath. Certain foods like onion and garlic leave a pungent odor long after you brush because they quickly absorb into the bloodstream as they metabolize. Dehydration will also create a perfect environment for bacteria to stay in your mouth for longer periods. Chewing sugar-free gum helps stimulate saliva that washes away smelly foods and bacteria. Also, a little spearmint flavor to cover the odor does not hurt.    

Bad breath affects everyone, but chronic cases are sometimes an indication of an underlying illness, such as diabetes, tonsil stones or gingivitis. Speak to your dentist in Orlando if the problem continually persists. 


An estimated 40 million Americans grind their teeth, even in their sleep. Because the habit is often subconscious, spurred by anxiety or concentration, teeth grinders are rarely aware that they do it. Grinding your teeth may seem like a harmless impulse, but years of tension can cause increasingly detrimental symptoms.  Over time the constant stress and pressure can lead to broken, sensitive teeth and a strained jaw.

Because teeth grinding, or bruxism, is not related to an underlying disease treatment can be difficult. Your dentist in Orlando may recommend a mouth guard or even check for misaligned teeth that may contribute to the grinding. In general, most experts suggest stress relief and meditative remedies reduce the habit.