Need Veneers?

Chips, stains, and other cosmetic imperfections can easily be remedied by veneers. Not only are they simple to place on the damaged teeth, they require little to no anesthesia either. Our Orlando dentists utilize a porcelain veneer made of a thin ceramic material which is placed directly over the natural tooth’s surface. This helps restore your smile and overall appearance of the teeth. They are designed to mimic the tooth’s natural translucency; this means they don’t look fake. Further, they are custom fit for your mouth, matching the size, color, and texture of the natural teeth which it is placed over. Artistry and science are both used to place veneers on the natural teeth. Your dentist will use both to perfectly match your natural teeth, with a veneer, in order to produce the smoothest, most natural look and finish. They also work to match your facial features, your personality, and to match the appearance of the rest of the teeth which are not being treated in your mouth.  Get in touch with our dentists in Orlando today to schedule a consultation!

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