What To Do When You Lose A Tooth

April 21, 2017
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4 Quick Steps For Tooth Loss

A frequent cause of visits to the emergency dentist in Orlando involves severe trauma to the face resulting in a knocked out (or “avulsed”) tooth. Losing an adult tooth can be every bit as disparaging as the blow that caused the injury, but if you remain calm and remember the following simple guidelines, your smile can be quickly restored to normal.

Step 1: Do Not Panic

Don't Panic at Tooth LossSports injuries, car wrecks, falls, fights, and a number of unexpected collisions can easily result in a lost tooth, most commonly the two front teeth (incisors) that make the most important part of your smile. The most crucial thing to remember is that you must stay calm, even if you are still reeling from the shocks of a sudden blow. Look carefully to ensure that the tooth is entirely knocked out and not simply broken or cracked. If the root is still intact with the gum, an Orlando dentist can still easily repair the injury.

If in fact your tooth is entirely avulsed, you must locate the lost tooth immediately. Teeth can be returned to their spot in the mouth and heal fairly quickly, but this must be done while the tissue is still healthy and before the open gum can become infected.   

Step 2: Keep It Healthy

A common mistake many people make is to place the lost tooth in water, making the problem worse. It is okay to rinse any debris off the tooth, but then store it in a container of milk. Water cause the cells of the tooth to swell and burst. However, milk nourishes a tooth and keeps the cells from dying as you rush to a qualified Orlando dentist. In a pinch, you can also store an avulsed tooth in your cheek and allow your natural saliva to nourish the tooth.

Step 3: If You Can, Replace It

Many people find this step uncomfortable, but if at all possible insert the displaced tooth back into its original spot in the gums. Do not be concerned if the placement is a little crooked because any experienced dentist in Orlando will be able to straighten it out for you later. Be sure to always handle a tooth by the crown in order to avoid infecting the root or gums. This step will allow you more time to reach an emergency dentist in Orlando.

Step 4: Contact a Trusted Emergency Dentist in Orlando Immediately

It goes without saying that you will want to speak with your Orlando dentist as soon as possible and confirm that your tooth is healing well with no infections. You may require antibiotics depending on the circumstances. The more quickly you move to preserve an avulsed tooth the more time you will have to find a reliable dentist in Orlando. You cannot call 911 for this type of injury because it is not generally considered an emergency. This is why it is important to stay calm and know the correct steps.